About Wordwall

Wordwall is a tool for making interactive classroom activities.

To make a resource you pick your template and enter your content, then you can play the game. It's simple to do and can take as little as one minute to make a fully featured resource.

Once you've made a resource you can change its mode to use it for different styles of teaching. Whether you are letting students work alone, leading from the front of the room or engaging everyone together in a shared experience.

You can reuse your content again and again by converting the resource into different templates. With one click turn a Seating Plan into a Random Wheel for example. This will have the names from the seats become the segments of the wheel.

Your My Activities page offers you unlimited storage to prepare your lessons. But Wordwall activities are so quick to make you'll nothing of creating one in the middle of taking a class or doing a presentation.

Activities can be shared with other teachers and students and by publishing them. You get a short URL for easy sharing and you can easily embed our resources in your website or VLE.

About our company

Visual Education Ltd is based in Liverpool, UK. The company was founded in 2006.

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