1) 2-0 Italy vs Spain. Italy scored their first goal at 33 minutes and their second goal, at 91 minutes. How much time passed between the two goals? a) 91 minutes b) 58 minutes c) 57 minutes d) 59 minutes 2) 2-1 Wales vs Slovakia. Wales had 42 percent possession. What percentage possession did Slovakia have? a) 42 percent b) 18 percent c) 48 percent d) 58 percent 3) In Group B, Belgium scored 24 goals but only four of them were scored by strikers. What percentage was scored by the rest of the team? a) 83 percent b) 17 percent c) \frac{4}{24} d) \frac{20}{4} 4) 1-0 Portugal vs Croatia. Portugal scored in the 27th minute of extra time. If the match is 90 minutes and extra time was 30 minutes, how long was this into the whole match? a) 1 hour 57 minutes b) 97 minutes c) 107 minutes d) 2 hours and 7 minutes 5) 1-2 England vs Iceland. Iceland has a population of 330,000 and England has a population of 53 million. How many times greater is England's population?? a) 161 times bigger b) 16 times bigger c) 66 times bigger d) 5 bigger 6) 2-0 Hungary vs Austria. There are 11 players in a football team, when Dragovic was sent off, how many players were left on the pitch? a) 10 players b) 21 players c) 12 players d) 11 players 7) The cheapest ticket for the Euro 2016 semi-finals costs €65 and the most expensive ticket for the final is €895. How much more expensive is the ticket for the final? a) 5 times b) 12 times c) 14 times d) 24 times

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