1) How does light travel? a) At right angles b) In a straight line c) In a curved line 2) How are shadows created? a) When the light runs out b) When the light is reflected c) When the light is blocked by an opaque object d) When the light hits a dark surface 3) Which of these is not light source? a) The sun b) A flame c) Stars d) The moon e) A mobile phone 4) What happens when light hits a mirror? a) The light reflects off towards the light source b) The mirror absorbs the light c) The light reflects off in the opposite angle to the light source d) The light travels through the mirror e) The light spreads around the room 5) Which of these surfaces reflects the most light? a) White paper b) Ceramic cup c) Wooden table d) Mirror e) Glass 6) When the sun is at the highest point in the sky, the shadow of a tree will appear to be... a) Darker and shorter b) Darker and longer c) Paler and longer d) Paler and shorter 7) When the light source gets closer to the object, the shadow will be... a) Paler b) Darker c) Smaller d) Bigger

Carpentry Flipped Tiles

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