1) Which organelle gives a plant cell it's structure? a) Nucleus b) Cell membrane c) Cell wall d) Vacuole e) Cytoplasm f) Chloroplast 2) Which is found in an animal cell? a) Nucleus b) Cytoplasm c) Cell membrane d) All three 3) Why does a sperm cell need a tail? a) To make it look good b) So it can swim to the root cell c) So it can swim to the egg cell d) So you can see it under a microscope 4) What adaptation allows a root hair cell to absorb more water and minerals? a) Small surface area b) Large surface area c) Long fingers 5) Where are genes found in a cell? a) Cytoplasm b) Vacuole c) Nucleus d) Cell Wall e) Chloroplast f) Cell Membrane 6) Where does photosynthesis take place? a) Chloroplast b) Vacuole c) Cytoplasm d) Nucleus 7) What separates cell contents from the environment? a) Vacuole b) Cell Membrane c) Lysosomes d) Centrioles

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