age in millions of the oldest rocks on earth - four thousand, age in thousands of millions of our universe - fourteen, distance light travels in a year - light year, part of the earth that causes tectonic plates to move - mantle, theory that Alfred Wegener came up with - continental drift, this geohazard occurs when 2 tectonic plates slide past each other - earthquakes, these take place in mantle and cause plates to move - convection currents, force that pulled clouds of dust and gases together to form stars - gravity, provides the heat in a star - nuclear fusion, fuel inside the sun - hydrogen, way of measuring how far stars are from earth - parallax, hubble helped explain that our universe is ........ - expanding, these are packets of energy - photons, this depends on the number of photons delivered per second - intensity, intensity of a beam ....... with distance - decreases, moblie phones use this - microwaves, this radiation causes genes inside cells to mutate - ionising, this abosorbs u.v in our atmosphere - ozone, a greenhouse gas - methane, how carbon is taken out of the atmosphere - photosynthesis, principle where benefits outwiegh the risks - alara,

P1 and 2 simple text revision

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