1) Who founded Rome in 250 BCE? a) Romulus b) Augustus c) Cleopatra d) The Trojans e) The Greeks 2) In what order did the governments of Rome come? a) Emperors, kings, republic b) Kings, emperors, Republic c) Republic, kings, emperors d) Kings, republic, emperors e) Emperors, republic, kings f) Republic, emperors, kings 3) Which country did Julius Caesar conquer? a) Italy b) Carthage c) Britain d) Persia e) Greece f) Gaul 4) What were the Celtic tribes in Britain called? a) Gauls b) Picts c) Angles d) Saxons e) Britons f) Scots 5) What is a Roman legionary's helmet called? a) Scutum b) Galea c) Feather cap d) Brigand e) Skull cap f) Iron hat 6) What formation is pictured? a) Ciconia or crane b) Rana or frog c) Simia or monkey d) Testudo or tortoise e) Aranae or spider f) Cochlea or snail 7) Who did the rowing on a Roman galley? a) Slaves b) Centurions c) Legionaries d) Wives e) Children f) Foreigners 8) How long did a legionary stay in the military? a) 30 years b) 5 years c) 25 years d) 17 years e) 10 years f) 50 years 9) What type of settlement did Celts live in? a) Condominiums b) Hill forts c) Greek temples d) Long houses e) Water closets f) Barracks 10) What four things did Roman villas have? a) Lead pipes b) Heated floors c) Surround sound d) Fountains e) Dog kennels f) Gardens

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