1) Susan had a cat that measured 24cm. A month later, the cat had grown to 36cm. How much had the cat grown? a) 3cm b) 10mm c) 4cm d) 12cm 2) Tony weighed 72kg. Tim weighed 100kg. How much heavier was Tim? a) 12kg b) 12cm c) 28kg d) 18mm 3) A firework zooms 50m into the sky. Another firework zooms 110m into the sky. What was the height altogether? a) 16km b) 16m c) 60cm d) 160m 4) A pumpkin weighed 30kg. After the pumpkin had been carved it weighed 19kg. How much was carved out? a) 11kg b) 11g c) 14kg d) 15kg 5) Five children had a glass of coke each which had a capacity of 20ml. How many ml did they have altogether? a) 1000ml b) 100ml c) 80ml d) 120ml

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