1) How are the paragraphs organised in a report? a) By missing a line. b) In columns. c) By using pictures. d) By using sub headings. e) By sub zero. 2) What is the purpose of a report? a) To persuade. b) To tell tales. c) To inform. d) To recount. e) To give instructions. 3) Where might we find reports? a) b) c) d) e) f) 4) Which 'narrative' is a report written in? a) Third place. b) The first person. c) The noisy person. d) The third person. e) The lazy person. 5) True or False. Reports are ALWAYS written in the present tense. a) True b) False 6) Should the title of a report be ... a) Anything you want! b) About the subject. c) A funny rhyme. 7) What type of language should we include in our report? a) Formal b) Informal 8) Should the first paragraph ... a) Say HELLO! b) Say 'Dear Mr Taylor' c) Introduce the subject. d) Be a rap. e) Say 'Yours Sincerely' 9) True or False ... A report is written in 'chronological' order. a) True b) False 10) Which TWO are features of a report? a) Pictures, diagrams, charts. b) An address. c) A happy ending. d) Technical words. e) Time connectives and dates.

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