1) "lighted with pleasure in his torture" a) Crooks b) The boss c) Curley d) Candy 2) "the dirty little rat" a) Crooks b) Curley c) George d) Whit 3) "a tart" a) Curley's wife b) Lennie c) Candy d) George 4) "bleated with terror" a) Candy b) Curley c) George d) Lennie 5) "the hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied" a) Candy b) George c) Curley d) Lennie 6) "he'd do any damn thing I told him" a) George b) Lennie c) Curley d) Curley's wife 7) "I'm gonna get 'im" a) Lennie b) Slim c) Curley d) George 8) "the prince of the ranch" a) The boss b) Curley c) Slim d) Whit 9) "he continued to look down at the old dog" a) George b) Carlson c) Candy d) Slim 10) "looked threateningly about the room" a) Curley's wife b) Curley c) Slim d) The boss 11) "I ain't so bright" a) Lennie b) George c) Candy d) Carlson 12) "his calm eyes followed Lennie out the door" a) George b) Candy c) Slim d) Crooks 13) "he fell slowly to rubbing his back" a) Lennie b) Candy c) George d) Crooks 14) "you jus' get out, an' get out quick" a) Crooks b) Curley's wife c) Lennie d) Curley 15) "He won't hurt 'em" a) Slim b) George c) Lennie d) Carlson

Solar system names

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