1) How many children does Father Christmas have to deliver presents to? a) 378 million children b) 3 billion children c) 6 million children d) 3 children ( the rest were bad) 2) If each present on Santa’s sleigh has a mass of 1kg, how much does he have to carry? a) 350 tons (58 elephants ) b) 1000 tons ( 15 tanks) c) 350, 000 tons ( 4 QE's) d) 5.9736 x 1021 ( 1 earth ) 3) How fast would Santa have to go in order to deliver all the presents in one night? a) 90 mph b) 60m/s c) 1000mph d) 650 miles per second 4) Which Brighton school made the news last year when they banned Santa thinking that he was invented by Coca Cola? a) Stringer b) Steiner c) Hove d) Varndean 5) Another name for a reindeer is a: a) Hart b) Pudu c) Caribou d) Muntjac 6) How far do reindeer migrate every year? a) 500 km b) 5000 km c) 100, 000 km d) 0 km ( they don't migrate) 7) A large male reindeer has a mass of 300kg. What size force is this? a) 30 Newtons b) 150 Newtons c) 300 Newtons d) 3000 Newtons 8) Which of the following statements is NOT true about Reindeers a) grow a new set of antlers every year b) have a poisonous spine on their back leg c) only species where both genders grow antlers d) anterls can grow up to 1.3m long 9) A star is NOT: a) a massive luminous ball of plasma b) another far away planet c) a celestial body of hot gas + d) a thermonuclear reaction 10) A comet is: a) a ball of ice, dust and rock particles that glows b) a ball of rock from space that enters a planet's atmosphere c) a ball of rock from space that hits a planet's surface d) a large mass of rock with a high metal content 11) How much mass is added to the Earth every year from meteorites? a) 100 kg b) 2000 kg c) 50, 000 kg d) 10 billion kg ( 10, 000, 000, 000) 12) A meteorite hits the Earth with the energy of a Hiroshima nuclear bomb once every: a) year b) 5000 years c) 500 000 years d) 10 , 000, 000 years 13) Snow flakes are formed when: a) angle tears freeze when entering the atmosphere b) space dust freezes upon entering our atmosphere c) cloud temperatures reach freezing point allowing ice crystals to form around dust particles d) the wiond blows sea salt into the upper atmosphere. 14) Snow flakes are symmetrical because a) it looks good b) crystalline structure of ice c) dust is symmetrical d) bacteria eat away at them 15) What is “Snowball Earth”? a) type of Alaskan frost b) frozen chocolate pudding c) dirty lump of snow d) time when the earth was completed frozen over 16) What colour is snow? a) transparent b) blue c) yellow d) white 17) So how did you do? a) 0-4 no presents b) 5-8 Santa's little helper c) 9-12 one of the three kings

Angle Problems 2

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