1) Which is bigger? a) £1 million in £50 notes b) a brief case 2) Which is bigger? a) New born blue whale b) Adult African elephant 3) Which is bigger? a) a jumbo jet b) the international space station 4) Which is taller? a) Big Ben (London) b) Great Pyramid of Giza 5) Which is bigger? a) Russia b) North America 6) Which is longer? a) 5 inches b) 10 cm 7) Which is furthest? a) London to Bristol b) London to Sheffield 8) Which is bigger? a) a virus b) a bacteria 9) Which has the bigger population? a) the Roman Empire at its peak b) present day United States 10) Which is taller? a) Olympus Mons on Mars b) Mount Everest in Nepal

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