1) Which famous walls were built in Britain by the Romans? a) Antonine and Caesarian b) Hadrian and Antonine c) Caesarian and Hadrian d) Claudian and Hadrian 2) Boudicca led a rebellion against the Romans in which year? a) 55 AD b) 60 AD c) 43 AD d) 34 AD 3) What were the two capital cities of the Roman empire (Eastern and Western)? a) Constantinople and Rome b) Hamburg and Rome c) Madrid and Milan d) Barcelona and Rome 4) Why did the Romans succeed in invading Britain in the end? a) Boudicca died b) They invaded at night c) Good organisation and better armour d) There was more of them 5) What were the Romans well known for? a) Building roads and towns b) Building roads and theatres c) Building roads and bridges d) All of the above 6) Whcih answer is the odd one out for the following question: Why don't we still use Roman numerals instead of the decimal system? a) They didn't have a zero b) Their system was lost and only recently discovered c) Too difficult to calculate with d) The alphabet could be confused with numbers 7) What armour did a Roman soldier have? a) Bow and arrow b) A knife and a gun c) A sword, shield and spear d) The Gods 8) For entertainment, Romans enjoyed... a) Playing on the Wii b) Watching men fight each other to the death c) Playing with pyramids d) Reading magazines

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