1) Where is the Caribbean? a) In the Pacific Ocean b) In the Indian Ocean c) On the west coast of Portugal d) East of Central America 2) How many islands are there in the Caribbean? a) 28 b) Over 7000 c) Less than 10 d) Between 500 and 1000 3) How many people (approximately) live in the Caribbean? a) 1 million b) 10 millon c) 36 million d) 84 million 4) What are the 4 most common languages spoken in the Caribbean? a) English, Spanish, French and Dutch b) German, Spanish, Japanese and Afrikaans c) Dutch, French, Gaelic and Finnish 5) Which of the following is not a flag of a Caribbean country? a) b) c) d) e) f) 6) Which of these are not Caribbean islands? a) Cuba b) Madagascar c) Hawaii d) Barbados e) Antigua f) Dominican Republic 7) Which is the largest Caribbean island? a) Cuba b) St Lucia c) Grenada d) Jamaica 8) Which of these famous people is not from the Caribbean? a) Brian Lara b) Usain Bolt c) Nicki Minaj d) Bob Marley e) Trevor MacDonald f) Nelson Mandela 9) What is (by far) the most popular Caribbean sport? a) Cricket b) American football c) Soccer d) Bobsledding e) Basketball f) Pigeon racing

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