1) In which country was Nelson Mandela born? a) Mali b) Kenya c) South Africa d) Jamaica 2) What was 'apartheid'? a) A fatal disease b) African Government c) Racial segregation d) African country 3) What year was Mandela born? a) 1917 b) 1918 c) 1919 d) 1920 4) What city did Mandela grow up in? a) Johannesburg b) Cairo c) Cape Town d) Nairobi 5) What was Mandela arrested for on August 5, 1962? a) Theft b) Murder c) Treason 6) How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison? a) 24 b) 27 c) 37 d) 25 7) What was Mandela's original first name? a) Rolihlahla b) Kambula c) Swensalah d) Cumba 8) When was Nelson Mandela awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize? a) 1990 b) 1992 c) 1993 d) 1994 e) 1998

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