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How does a school buy this product?

If you haven't already, read the Price Plans.

If you are able to raise a purchase order from this information, just do so and send it over to

Email us if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Can I have an on-site demonstration?

We can offer an on-site demonstration to customers considering a school purchase across most of the UK.

If we can't reach you, we can arrange an online demonstration instead.

To organize a demonstration contact giving the name and address of your school and your preferred times and dates.

Tell us your direct telephone or mobile number if you'd prefer a callback to make the arrangement.

What is the difference between the web and PC versions?

Wordwall was originally a PC only product. In 2016 we launched a web-version. All development since then has been concentrated on this version.

The web-version is in English only and it does not support our legacy clicker products.

However we recommend all new customers use the web-version if they can. It is both easier to use and more powerful. Major new features such as worksheets, embedding and homework assignments do not exist in the PC version.

How can I fix a user account problem?

Some common issues can be sorted out online:

Forgot password
Edit your personal details
Manage payments
Move to a different school

Other issues can be sorted by emailing or phoning our UK office on 0151 709 6507.

My school already has Wordwall, how do I sign up?

On purchasing the product your school should have been sent a welcome email that contained your licence documents.

If you know your school's key go to Sign up with a key.

If you don't know it, email us at or phone our UK office on 0151 709 6507.

What are the browser and hardware requirements?

Browser: Chrome, IE (10+), Edge, Firefox, iOS Safari, Android (4.4+)

Hardware: almost all modern devices, low-end Android devices may struggle

If you are meeting the requirements but still experiencing a performance issue, email the development team at

How do I report an issue or make a feature request?

Please email the development team at

If you are reporting a bug or issue, it helps us a lot if you can give us any of the following:

Where do I get support for the Wordpad clickers or tablets?

We no longer stock these products. But if you've bought a Wordpad clicker or tablet contact or phone our UK office on 0151 709 6507 for all support requests.

Who do I speak to discuss reselling or commercial partnerships?

Josh Smith is our commercial director.
Contact him at