Llenwad acrylig - A water based gap and surface filler that remains flexible when cured., Emwlsiwn - A water based paint used to paint ceilings and walls., Marmori - Painting method which is used to create the effect of a marble surface., Hydoddydd - A chemical which is used as the base for a number of decorating materials., Ffitsh - Small brush which has a round oval or flat ferrule, filled with white bristles. It can be used to pick out details of ornamental plaster work., Scrymblo - A painting technique where the final coat is partially removed to expose the undercoat., Graenio - A method of imitating wood grain by applying a semi–transparent coat over painted groundwork., Cilfwa - A concave moulding., Papur leinio - A white or creamy coloured wallpaper used as a backing to disguise defects in the surface before painting or hanging wallpaper., Paent preimio - The first coat of paint which is applied to an uncoated surface., Stensilio - The method of applying a design to a surface, by applying paint through cut–out areas of paper., Anaglypta - The term used to describe wallpaper with an embossed surface., Fflogiwr - A long haired paint brush which is used to create a dragged paint effect., Isbaent - Paint which is applied after the primer to provide a key for the top coat., Côt uchaf - The final coat of paint which is applied to a surface., Torri i mewn - Completing the painting of the surface by painting the edges of a wall or ceiling., Paent sglein - Mainly used as a top coat on woodwork, this paint has a high sheen and is hard wearing., Llafnau calcio - Refers to caulk boards plastic/stiff rubber., Cyllell gŷn - Small 1inch/25mm scraper used to assist operatives removing small drawing pins, staples etc during preparation of surfaces., Paratoi arwynebau - Preparing surfaces ready for decoration etc. , Siswrn papuro - Paperhanging scissors., Bwced rholeri - Roller bucket ., Marciau llithro - Roller head slides across surface during application of coatings., Heneiddio - A technique used to give something an aged appearance., Llyfnhau - The final coat of paint, applied using light brush strokes all in the same direction to produce a smooth finish. ,

Peintio Ac Ardduno Match up Welsh Words and English Description

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