1) What is the Capital of Australia? a) Canberra b) Sydney c) Melbourne 2) What is the name of the island of the Southern coast of Australia? a) Whitsunday b) Lord Nelson c) Tasmania 3) What is the name of this famous rock in the centre of Australia? a) Olgas b) Uluru c) Wave 4) What is " The Australian Outback"? a) Seaside resort b) Mountain c) Vast uninhabited area 5) Which one of the following is an attraction in Western Australia? a) Monkey Mia b) Kakadu National Park c) The Great Barrier Reef d) The Apostles 6) Kangaroo Island can be found off the coast of which state a) Northern Territory b) Victoria c) South Australia d) Tasmania 7) What is the name of this attraction found in Sydney? a) The Opera Bridge b) The Sydney Harbour Bridge c) Harbour Bridge 8) The Australian Capital Territory is located entirely in which state? a) New South Wales b) South Australia c) Victoria 9) The Indian Pacific runs from...? a) North to South of Australia b) East to west Australia 10) Where would you find "the Pinnicles"? a) South Australia b) Northern Territory c) Western Australia

Australia Day

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