hasta, hastae f. - spear, porta, portae f. - gate, murus, muri m. - wall, mater, matris f. - mother, mors, mortis f. - death, mortuus, -a, -um - dead, solus, -a, -um - alone, territus, -a, -um - terrified, incolumis, incolume - safe, unharmed, bene - well (adverb), hic - here (adverb), huc - to here, hither (adverb), -que - and (conjunction), circum + acc. - round, e/ex + abl. - out of, from, possum, posse - I can, am able, expecto, -are - I wait for, servo, servare - I wait for, timeo, timere - Ifear, am afraid, reddo, reddere - I give back, return, relinquo, -ere - I leave (behind), verto, vertere - I turn, conicio, conicere - I hurl,

Latin OLC Vocabulary Box 8

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