Acrisius - King of Argos, grandfather of Perseus, Danae - daughter of Acrisius, mother of Perseus, Perseus - son of Danae and Zeus, slayer of Medusa, Graeae - Three old women who share one eye and one tooth, Seriphos - island where Danae and Perseus washed up, Dictys - kindly and humble fisherman who cared for Danae and Perseus, Polydectes - king of Seriphos, brother of Dictys, wanted to marry Danae, Gorgons - three once beautiful sisters, turned into tusked monsters with snake hair and petrifying power by Athena, Medusa - turned into a monster by Athena after being raped by Poseidon in her temple, Athena - gave Perseus her shield and advice to find the Graeae, Hermes - gave Perseus his winged sandals and a sharp sickle, Helmet of darkness - turned the wearer invisible, a loan from the gods, Andromeda - princess of Aethiopia, chained to a rock to be fed to Cetus following an oracle, Cetus - a sea-serpent monster, sent to ravage Aethiopia in punishment for hubris, Larissa - place of the games where Perseus fulfilled the oracle but accidentally killing Acrisius with a discus,

Myth of Perseus - Key people and places

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