adsum - I am present, curo, curare - I care for, look after, accedo, accedere - I approach, procedo, procedere - I go forward, proceed, surgo, surgere - I rise, dormio, dormire - I sleep, venio, venire - I come, go, magnus, magna, magnum - big, great, miser, misera, miserum - wretched, miserable, multus, multa, multum - much, many, cur? - why? (adverb), diu - for a long time (adverb), iam - now, already (adverb), lente - slowly (adverb), saepe - often (adverb), tandem - at last (adverb), amicus, -i m. - friend, ludus, -i m. - school, eos m. - them (accusative pl.), eas f. - them (accusative pl.), ille m. - he, that man, illa f. - she, that woman, quod - because (conjunction), ubi - when (conjunction),

Latin OLC Vocabulary Box 4

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