Thermogram - An image that uses colour to represent temperature, Kinetic - Temperature is a measure of the average ______________ energy, Insulator - Air is trapped in double glazing and loft insulation because it is a good _________, Paybacktime - How long it takes to earn back in savings money spent on insulation, Transverse - S-waves and EM spectrum waves are examples of this type of wave, Diffraction - When waves spread out when they pass through a gap, Refraction - When waves change direction when the enter a different medium, CriticalAngle - The angle of incidence which creates an angle of refraction of 90 degrees, Interference - When two waves overlap and are heard at the same time, Multiplexing - When multiple digital signals are sent simultaneously, Analogue - Type of signal with continuous values, Digital - Only two values 'on' or 'off',

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