1) What is the capital of England? a) Bristol b) York c) London d) Scotland 2) What is the capital of Scotland? a) Edinburgh b) Glasgow c) Cardiff d) Manchester 3) What is the capital of Wales? a) Swansea b) Bangor c) Cardiff d) Newcastle 4) What is the capital of France? a) Spain b) Madrid c) Marseille d) Paris 5) What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland? a) Dublin b) Belfast c) Cork d) Liverpool 6) What is the capital of Northern Ireland? a) Dublin b) Belfast c) Antrim d) Leeds 7) What is the water between England and France known as? a) Irish Sea b) Red Sea c) English Channel d) French Channel 8) What is the sea to the east of the UK? a) Atlantic b) North Sea c) South Sea d) English Channel 9) What island is next to Guernsey? a) Isle of Man b) Isle of Wight c) Jersey d) Scilly Isles 10) What is the longest river in the UK? a) River Severn b) River Thames c) River Seven d) River Tyne 11) What is the tallest mountain in Wales? a) Snowdonia b) Everest c) Ben Nevis d) K2 12) Whatis the largest ocean in the world? a) Pacific b) Atlantic c) Indian d) English 13) What ocean is found between the USA and the UK? a) Indian b) Antarctic c) Pacific d) Atlantic 14) Where is the north pole found? a) Arctic b) Northern Canada c) Antarctic d) Siberia 15) What is the capital of Sri Lanka? a) Rio de Janeiro b) Washington DC c) Delhi d) Colombo 16) What continent is Ghana in? a) Asia b) Europe c) Australasia d) Africa 17) What is the capital of Australia? a) Sydney b) Melbourne c) Perth d) Canberra 18) What is the capital of the USA? a) Washington b) Washington DC c) New York d) Los Angeles 19) What continent is Thailand in? a) Europe b) South America c) Africa d) Asia 20) Which of these is not in the Caribbean? a) St Lucia b) Madagascar c) Jamaica d) Trinidad

Name that capital, country, continent and ocean...

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