Money is sent back from the cities to the rural areas. - Economic, Most of the people who are left behind in the rural areas are the elderly, women and children. - Social, There are fewer farmers left in the rural areas, so the supply of food for both town and country decreases. - Social, There are less people to socialise with - Social, Most of the migrants who move to the cities are young men so the rural areas lose workers. - Economic, If the workers leave rural areas there are less people to pay taxes in rural areas. - Economic, There are fewer customers for rural services and shops so they decline and close leading to loss of jobs and making life harder for those that remain. - Economic, As people move away, there are less people going to school or using hospitals so the teachers have less students and doctors have less patients to they might get paid less. - Economic, There are less workers so less money is made because there are less crops to sell. - Economic, There is less investment in rural areas because the urban areas have so many demanding problems. - Economic, There is less food produced so there is less money made in the area. - Economic, Soil becomes poor and blows away easily because it is too overworked - Environmental,

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