where is DNA located - in the nucleus, how many amino acids are there - 20, what is a codon - a group of 3 bases, how many RNA bases are there - 4, what base replaces uracil in DNA - thymine, where are ribosomes found - in the cytoplasm, what carries amino acids in to the RNA - tRNA, what base is complementary to adenine - thymine, what base is complementary to cytosine - guanine, what base is complementary to uracil - adenine, what is the substance that carries the genetic code to the cytoplasm - mRNA, what does m stand for in mRNA - messenger, what does the DNA code for - proteins, what is transcription - creating RNA from DNA, what is translation - creating proteins from RNA, how many different codons are there - 64, what sugar is found in DNA - deoxyribose, what sugar is found in RNA - ribose, how many strands in a DNA molecule - 2, what holds the DNA strands together - hydrogen bonds, how many strands has RNA - one, what are chromosomes made of - DNA, what is a gene - a section of DNA that codes for a protein, what is an allele - an alternative form of a gene, what are enzymes made of - protein,

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