Faith Schools - This is where a large part of the curriculum is based around religion., comprehensive schools - These are normal schools, that accept any students no matter of ethnicity, gender or class., Academies - These can change their curriculum to suit their own students., grammar schools - These are fee paying schools that middle class students go to., public schools - These are the very top schools in the country where upper class students attend., specialist schools - These are schools that specialise in a particular part of the curriculum., special schools - These are schools that have specialist help and resources for students with special educational needs., primary school - These are the first stage of schooling that students attend at the age of 5., university - These are where students attend at the age of 18 and obtain degrees, masters degrees and PHD's., Sixth form / college - These are where students obtain A-levels or top up GCSE's where you attend between the ages of 16 and 19.,

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