Carnivore - Animals that eat a diet consisting mainly of other animals. e.g. meat, fish, insects, and eggs, Insectivore - A type of carnivore that mostly eats insects (crickets, flies, moths), Herbivore - An animal that eats plant matter (e.g. leaves, roots, fruit, vegetables), Omnivore - An animal that eats a mix of plant and animal matter (fruits and eggs, or insects and grain), Folivore - A specialised herbivore that only eats leaves, Frugivore - A specialised herbivore that only eats fruits, Forager - An animal that searchers for food. These are usually herbivore or omnivore species., Hunter - An carnivorous animal that hunts prey species. , Piscivore - An animal that eats mostly fish, Filter feeder - An animal that gets food by filtering water or air to extract small food items e.g. brine shrimp or zooplankton,

Animal diet types

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