Nebula, Open Cluster, Asterism, What star do the stars at the plough end of ursa minor point towards? - Polaris, What galaxy does the square of pegasus point towards? - Andromeda, We call stars that aren't visible all year round... - Seasonal Stars, The equivalent to longitude in space - Right Ascension , The equivalent to latitude in space - Declination , The suns apparent path across the sky - Ecliptic, The length of day is the same as the length of the night - Equinox, These stars are theoretically visible all day - Circumpolar stars, Comets orbits are... - Eliptical, Which planet has the most moons? - Jupiter, What constellation? - Orion, What constellation? - Ursa Minior, What constellation? - Cassiopeia,

Astronomy GCSE Unit 1 Revision

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