Species - The second word in an organism's name e.g. sapien, Genus - The first word in an organism's name e.g. Homo, Chromosomes - An organelle that contains DNA in the nucleus, Nucleus - An organelle that prokaryotae don't have. , Phylum - Chordata is an example of a..., Darwin - The scientist that came up with the theory of evolution, Survival - '_________________ of the fittest', Homozygous - Two of the same alleles e.g. BB, Heterozygous - Two different alleles e.g. Bb, Homeostasis - Maintaining a constant internal environment, Warm - Homeotherms are ________ blooded, Poikilotherms - Cold blooded organisms, Speciation - Formation of a new species, Stimulant - Drug that increases speed of neurotransmission, Alcohol - An example of a depressant, Mutualist - Where two organisms live together and both benefit, Eutrophication - Problem of fertiliser ,

Core Biology

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