1) How many layers are there in the rainforest? a) 3 b) 4 c) 7 d) 6 2) What are the names of the four layers? a) emergent b) forest floor c) grass land d) canapy e) savanah f) understory 3) Which of these animals do we find the emergent layer? a) The morpho blue butterfly b) Macaw Parrot c) Capuchin monkey d) snakes e) Toucan 4) The Amazon rainforest is in which continent? a) South Africa b) South America c) Asia d) U.K 5) How would you describe the Amazon rainforest? a) The largest rainforest b) The smallest rainforest 6) How many types of plants have scientists counted in the Amazon rainforest? a) 100 varieties of plants b) 3000 varieties of plants c) not sure 7) How many kinds of birds are there in the rainforest? a) 10 kinds of birds b) 7000 kinds of birds c) 20 000 kinds of birds d) 530 kinds of birds 8) There are ... a) 100 species of monkeys b) 11 species of monkeys c) not sure 9) The Amazon rainforest is in... a) Ecuador, Brazil, Peru & Columbia b) Brazil only c) Madagascar d) The whole of South America e) Rome f) UK

Amazon rainforest

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