il fait beau - it is nice, il fait chaud - it is hot, il fait froid - it is cold, il fait mauvais - it is bad, il y a du vent - it is windy, il y a du soleil - it is sunny, il y a des nuages - it is cloudy, il faisait beau - it was nice, il faisait chaud - it was hot, il faisait froid - it was cold, il faisait mauvais - it was bad, il y avait du vent - it was windy, il y avait du soleil - it was sunny, il y avait des nuages - it was cloudy, il fera beau - it will be nice, il fera chaud - it will be hot, il fera froid - it will be cold, il fera mauvias - it will be bad, il y aura du vent - it will be windy, il y aura du soleil - it will be sunny, il y aura des nuages - it will be cloudy, il pleut - it is raining, il pleuvait - it was raining, il pleuvra - it will be raining,

Weather - Past Present and Future

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