1) What is a referendum? a) A vote by elected politicians b) An election c) A vote by citizens d) A meeting 2) What does the abbreviation "EU" stand for? a) Euro United b) European Union c) European Economic Union d) Economic Union 3) What percentage of voters voted to leave the European Union? a) 52 percent b) 48 percent c) 60 percent d) 75 percent 4) What question did the European referendum ask? a) Should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? b) Should the UK leave the European single currency or remain part of it? c) Should Britain leave the continent of Europe or remain part of it? d) Should Scotland remain part of the United Kingdom? 5) What freedoms does the European Union require from the UK? a) Free movement of people within the EU b) Free movement of goods within the EU c) Free movement of money within the EU d) Right to establish and provide services within the EU e) All of the above 6) Which of these is an argument for leaving the EU? a) We need free access to European markets b) We need British jobs for British people c) We need to collaborate with European scientists d) The EU keeps our food cheap 7) What nations make up the United Kingdom? a) England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland b) England only c) London, Edinburgh, Cardiff & Belfast d) All the Commonwealth countries 8) Why might leaving the European Union cause the break-up of the United Kingdom? a) A majority of Scottish voters wanted to remain in the EU b) Because Scottish voters voted to leave the UK

A simple EU referendum quiz

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