1) What happened 100 years ago on the 1st July 1916? a) The Battle of the Somme b) Wright brothers fly first aeroplane c) Model T ford car was first made d) Suffragette movement started 2) At auction this week was a Tennis-ball sized object called Lesedi la Rona. What is it? a) a fossil b) a bird's egg c) a rough diamond d) a gold ball e) baby armadillo 3) Who knocked England out of Euro 2016 this week? a) France b) Germany c) Italy d) Brazil e) Spain f) Iceland 4) André Guelfi died this week aged 97 - what was he famous for? a) Fighter pilot b) Astronaut c) Racing car driver d) Horse jockey e) Actor f) Pianist 5) Which of these people is the current favourite to become our next Prime Minister? a) Boris Johnson b) Teresa May c) Jeremy Corbyn d) Nicola Sturgeon

News Quiz for 1st July 2016

Created bybwatnot

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