1) Ce n'est pas du gâteau a) You can't have your cake and eat it. b) It's no picnic. c) It's a piece of cake. 2) On ne peut avoir le beurre et l'argent du beurre. a) Know which side your bread is buttered. b) Butter wouldn't melt. c) You can't have your cake and eat it. 3) Ce ne sont pas mes oignons. a) Know your onions b) It's none of my business. c) Monkey business. 4) Je n'ai pas la pêche. a) It's peachy b) Your guess is as good as mine. c) I'm a bit down. 5) N'en fais pas tout un fromage! a) To be cheesed off! b) Best thing since sliced bread. c) Don't make such a fuss! 6) Il est haut comme trois pommes. a) He's knee high to a grasshopper. b) To be the apple of someone's eye. c) A hot potato. 7) Je m'occupe de ma pomme. a) I'm looking after number one. b) Bite off more than you can chew. c) To be a rotten apple. 8) C'est la fin des haricots! a) Spill the beans. b) That's the last straw! c) To be full of beans. 9) Les carottes sont cuites a) It's in the bag b) Carrot-and-stick. c) Cook the books. 10) Couper la poire en deux. a) It's gone pear-shpaed. b) To split the difference. c) To be like two peas in a pod. 11) Appuyer sur le champignon. a) Mushroom into something. b) Press the right buttons. c) To drive fast/accelerate 12) Tomber dans les pommes. a) To fall to pieces. b) To faint c) To fall head over heels.

Food idioms - fly into the correct meaning!

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