1) It's a small problem. a) it's b) a c) small d) problem 2) I have a great idea. a) I b) have c) a d) great e) idea 3) The price is cheap. a) the b) price c) is d) cheap 4) I like hot food. a) i b) like c) hot d) food 5) The flowers are pretty. a) the b) flowers c) are d) pretty 6) He is my new friend. a) he b) is c) my d) new e) friend 7) The bus is slow. a) the b) bus c) is d) slow 8) Winter is cold. a) winter b) is c) cold 9) I want a different haircut. a) I b) want c) a d) different e) haircut 10) She arrived early. a) she b) arrived c) early

find the adjective

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