1) It was a credit to the staff that teachers had low levels of ______ in the run up to the tests. a) angxiety b) anxiety c) anxciety d) anxsiety 2) The importance of the safety precautions cannot be ______. a) exaggerated b) exagerrated c) exaggerrated d) exagerated 3) The staff felt ______ proud of their pupils’ considerable achievements_ . a) justfiably b) justifiably c) justifiebly d) justafiably e) justifirebelly 4) I _____ to mention that next Friday is non-uniform day so you may wear smart casual clothes on that day. a) ommitted b) omited c) ommited d) omitted e) ammited f) amited 5) The new teacher was looking forward to the ______ of her carefully prepared teaching plans. a) implementation b) implemantation c) implamantation d) implamentation e) inplementation 6) The children enjoyed the ______ nature of the task. a) mathmatical b) mathematical c) mathemmatical d) mathematicall 7) The ______ of this offence should come to see me at lunchtime to explain how it happened. a) perpetrator b) pertparator c) perpetraitor d) perpertaiteur 8) Several suitable venues were discovered as a result of the _______ search on the internet. a) exaustive b) exaurstive c) exhorstive d) exhaustive 9) Nadine was ______ that she had passed her Geography examination. a) releived b) relieved c) releaved d) realived 10) The Chair of Governors unveiled a ______ plaque. a) comemorative b) commemmoritive c) commemorative d) commemmorative

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